Our personnel &
our technical resources

Highly qualified teams

Unfailing commitment, a taste for challenging constructions, productivity to ensure customer satisfaction.

Supervisors / Engineers
Quality Inspectors

Our expertise

Consulting & Commercial

  • Technical optimisation
  • Quotations
  • Definition of delivery date
  • Production of technical and commercial proposals
  • Implementation of contracts and contractual terms
  • Management of NDAs, guarantees, bank guarantees
  • Commercial representatives in North Africa

Project supervision

ACM appoints a project manager for each contract. They ensure that customer requirements are met.

  • Customer’s main contact
  • Production schedule
  • Contract management
  • Reception of inspectors and inspection authorities
  • Coordination of departments
  • Constructor documents / End of manufacture reports

Design departments

We design equipment that meets your requirements and ensures compliance with codes and regulations:

  • Construction codes: RCC-M, EN 13445, CODAP, ASME etc.
  • Thermal design: ASPEN and HTRI
  • Mechanical design: Auxecap
  • Design: Solidworks, Autocad
  • Manufacturing procedures and technical specifications
  • Regulatory documentation


ACM employs two buyers for materials and sub-contracting

  • Supplier audit and qualification
  • Procurement specifications
  • Negotiation and signature of master agreements
  • Supervision of suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Traceability of materials


ACM occupies 15,000 m² with separate stainless steel and carbon steel workshops.

  • Punching, Cutting, Forming, Machining
  • Flaring, Expanding
  • Manual, Automatic and Orbital welding
  • Heat treatment
  • Surface treatment
  • Tests and Inspections
  • Packing and Delivery


ACM employs 2 IWE welder engineers, IWT welding technology specialists and all the appropriate equipment to meet all your requirements.

  • EN 3834 and EN 1090 certifications
  • Welding books
  • Filler metal management
  • Over 1000 QMOS all materials and all processes
  • Over 20 qualified welders

Quality control and HSE

The ACM quality system ensures material traceability and checks in all manufacturing phases.

  • Visual and dimensional inspections, strength tests and dye penetration inspections are conducted by ACM personnel with COFREND level 2 certification (French standard NF EN ISO 9712)
  • Non-destructive tests such as X-ray, ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspections are conducted by external authorities such as IS, APAVE, DEKRA and ONET.
  • NDT traceability
  • Training and support for apprentice tradesmen